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Areas of Expertise

Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling allows you to explore deeper feelings and emotions as well as resolve issues or worries and other stumbling blocks in a safe and caring environment. Seeing a counsellor helps you deal with patterns of behaviour that may be limiting or damaging to yourself or your relationships; it can help you vocalise your thoughts and fears as well as giving you an opportunity to explore your beliefs and ethos. 


I mainly work as a person-centred counsellor, which means that I will not lead, give advice or judge you, but I can help you learn to understand yourself, your environment, thoughts and patterns in life. I may draw on other methods such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) or others to ensure that you have the tools, skills and knowledge to develop.


Counselling also makes you think about your mental health and emotional wellbeing. This can help you plan a better future for yourself, get meaning from your life and to be better a dealing with your every day life. 

Couples Counselling 

Couples Counselling may sound daunting. You may worry about talking with a total stranger about your personal life and this may not come naturally to you.


As a counsellor I can help you iron out some issues in your relationship, you can have a "check up" to find out if your relationship is healthy or help you find ways to talk with one another and gain trust again. 


You may have gotten into a negative pattern of communication with each other, such as constant arguments, competition or simply avoiding certain topics. I can help you see why you and your partner react the way your or they do and help you understand, process and create empathy for each other and thereby learn to understand where your partner is coming from. 


In couples counselling you also learn a lot about yourself, your identity and what you want from yourself and your relationship. 


Have you ever tried to diet again and again, and nothing works? You end up gaining more weight than you lose? Have you every wanted to stop smoking or drinking but never quite managed to do this on your own? Do you have anxiety e.g. around exams or before a large meeting? Do you struggle to sleep? Or do you have fears and phobias which are hindering you in living your life as you would like?

Then hypnotherapy may be the way for you, every session is catered specifically to you and your needs, it is personalised and will be unique to only you and your set of circumstances. The sessions will take place in a safe and calm environment. I will help you into a guided, deep state of  relaxation, thereby you will achieve a state of trance where I will be able to work with the areas of your subconscious mind which are temporarily hindering or blocking you from making the necessary changes or overcoming obstacles in your life caused by past experiences. I do this by making gentle suggestions for behaviour changes. We will also talk about the benefits of e.g. losing weight or stopping to drink or smoke, and I will teach you coping skills and techniques.


Hypnotherapy is a safe and not to be confused with the stage hypnosis seen on the television. Before committing to hypnotherapy a referral form needs to be completed as well as the go-ahead from the GP in certain circumstances. 


Working with a coach will allow you to understand yourself and your behaviours better. We can look at your patterns of behaviour on relation to yourself, your work and with others e.g. spouse or friends. 

We will be able to use a variety of ways to help you stop making the same mistakes and together find ways to make the difficult changes to enable you to fulfil your dreams and desires as well as your potential.

As your coach I will be available to your outside our sessions should you experience situations where you feel you need immediate support. 

The sessions can take place in a more formal setting 1:1 in my work space or we can meet in a place outside in nature which may be more suitable for you and your needs. 

My Approach

I have many years of experience, both personally and professionally, working with children, young people and adults through my job as learning mentor and as a counsellor. I offer phone, online and face-to-face person-centred counselling.


I provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and calm place and space to talk. Show that I understand that behind every battle with any problem, difficulty or loss is an individual, each with a unique set of circumstances and ways of dealing.


Many clients are nervous and anxious about talking about themselves; but I find that before long they open up and manage to talk openly about their worries, concerns and problems, as I show empathy and patience, as well as allowing my clients time and a place to explore their own thoughts and feelings.

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My Approach
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